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Are these photographs? No way!

The 3D architecture visualization, before being a photorealistic image, is a 3D model drawn according to plans and layout choices with CAD software like 3ds Max.

Once this modeling is complete, the second step is to generate photorealistic images on rendering engines like Corona Renderer. The process of creating a 3D image uses calculation techniques to simulate the interactions of light with objects in the scene. This creates shadows, reflections, and refractions that give a sense of realism to the image.

The last part of the work is to retouch the images in color and also adding life to the 3D scene with the presence of characters, vehicles or animals.

With 3D modeling, all details of the image can be controlled and adjusted, including camera position, textures, lighting, and colors to create a realistic and customized image. In addition, 3D visualization also allows for quick modifications of projects, which can be very useful for ongoing development projects.


Pierzo 3d visualization apartment annecy

The profession is called "3D visualizer or 3D graphic designer," two different terms that nevertheless refer to the same profession.

"The 3D visualization of architecture" is the technique used to create realistic three-dimensional images of architecture and interior spaces. This method is increasingly used in architecture to present projects to clients or communities.

In conclusion, 3D visualization of architecture has become an indispensable medium for the creation and communication of architectural space.

Video and 3D visualization @Architectural Visualization

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