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Visualize all your future projects thanks to 3D

Pierzo is a family owned 3D design agency bbased in Annecy, specializing in photorealistic representations of interior and exterior architecture. 

We integrate the latest technologies with a unique artistic approach to view tht refine the concepts of tomorrow through truer imagess than nature.

Our client list includes many architectural firms and interior designers in the region.

Reactivity and creativity are part of our commitments.

Are these photographs? well no... 

The 3D visualization of architecture before being a photorealistic image is a 3D model that we draw according to plans and layout choices imagined by our customers.

With 3D modeling all image details can be controlled and adjusted, including camera position, textures, lights and colors to create a realistic and personalized image.


In addition, 3D visualization also allows for quick modification of projects, which can be very useful for projects in development.

Forbes, c'est une première !

The purpose of each view is to highlight, show and demonstrate the architectural ideal beyond mere form in the metaphysics of each project.

pierzo_photos 3D_architecture_visualisation 3D.jpg
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Feedback from our customers

Emanuelle Maumy Space Design.png
va'a gris.jpg
Studio Brumes Interior designer.jpg
"I think your pictures are great!

Your service was reliable, applied, with force of proposal; as far as I'm concerned, I'm satisfied.

We had time to discuss and were less under pressure than images with a contest timing but the different round trips allowed us to get to know each other well.»

Baptiste Veyrat-Charvillon, Architect, VA'A

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